5 Habits toward Longevity

In this ebook we will share five habits you can apply to your life. These fives habits have scientifically shown to have a positive correlation with longevity.

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What is “5 Habits toward Longevity”?

An ebook with 5 easy to implement habits for anyone that takes great care of their health.

The habits are useful to just about anyone and are backed by scientific findings. No matter how fit or sedentary, these 5 habits will change the way you look at longevity.

Includes Step-by-Step Mobility Assessment

Do our 7 basic movements, write down your meassurements, add the points and discover how these are correlated to your longevity.

Contains Scientific Findings that Affect Longevity

Curated findings on how factors that affect longevity. Everyone knows lifestyle and diet has a big impact, but find out how routine bloodwork can provide insights into your longevity.

How can modern scientific findings improve my longevity?

How can I actually track my longevity?

How can I have control of my longevity?


How does nutrition affect longevity? Our ebook shares curated scientific findings that will help you make smart choices about what you eat.


Can you touch your toes and rotate your sholders? In our ebook we ask this and other questions so that you have a better idea of your mobile ability and what it means in the context of longevity.


Sleep is underated. Find out how the impact sleep has on your longevity. Discover the best natural way to get deeper and more effective sleep.


Does engaging with others really improve longevity? We believe so and have findings to prove it. Discover how having a formidable support system improves longevity. More specifically read about a community where the average age is 90 years old and learn about their lifestyle.

What's inside the
“5 Habits Toward Longevity”?

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Basic Longevity Assessment

5 Habits that Help with Longevity

3 Insightful Articles

Understand Bloodwork and Longevity

Basic Longevity Assessment

Learn which mobility areas need improvement
Learn which movements correlate with longevity
Formulate a routine to improve your mobility

5 Habits that Help with Longevity

Which optimization best fits your schedule?
How often should you monitor your vitals?
Lifehacks that encourage easy habit building.

3 Insightful Articles

Microbiometry and its impact on your longevity
How do DNA markers generally correlate with longevity?
The different types of bloodwork markers and what they say about your longevity

Understand Bloodwork and Longevity

Want to understand how your bloodwork relates to longevity?
What are rich and famous people doing to achieve longer healthier lives?
The blood markers you can control through diet and exercise.

Do NOT focus on habits and routines that do not correlate to longevity!

Seriously… don't do it.

Why keep going about your usual routine without knowing how effective it is? Why waste time and energy on something you are not sure will positively and effectively impact your longevity?

Download our “5 Habits toward Longevity” ebook to not only discover 5 habits that have been discovered to be correlated with longevity, but also learn about how to assess and track your longevity through mobility and bloodwork, respectively.

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